• Writer: MIDNIGHT MAN 2: GUNSPACE, original graphic novel (Bad Mother Publisher), Artist: Andy Bloor
  • Writer: LITTLE HEROES anthology, short comic story “The Hero Within”, Anthology 1 (Little Heroes Comics), Artist: Andy Bloor
  • Artist: 100% BIODEGRADABLE anthology, cover art, vol. 21 (Biomekazoik Digital Comics)
  • Artist: NESS – A MONSTER COMIC, pinup art, issue 2 (Independent)
  • Artist: UNTETHERED comic, pinup art, issue 2 (Independent)
  • Artist: ALEX AUTOMATIC, pinup art, issue 1 (Cabal Comics)
  • Artist: BATMAN 75 YEARS: A GREEK TRIBUTE, postcard art, live Disco event in Athens, Greece (2014)
  • Writer: ANDY-THOLOGY, various short comic stories, issue 1 (Bad Mother Publisher)
  • Writer: HACK CIRCUS MAGAZINE, nonfiction article about William Moulton Marston, issue 4 (Hack Circus)
  • Writer: MIDNIGHT MAN: BULLET TIME, original graphic novel (Bad Mother Publisher), Artist: Andy Bloor
  • Artist: GRINDHOUSE, pinup art, issue 4 (DARK HORSE COMICS),
    Writer: Alex De Campi
  • Artist: WONDERBOOK, “Doctor Mormeck” original art, Jeff VanderMeer (ABRAMS IMAGE)
  • Writer: DREAMCATCHER, children’s illustrated short graphic novel (Independent), Artist: Valia Kapadai
  • Writer: FUTUREQUAKE, single comic story “Synched”, vol.25 (FutureQuake Press), Artist: INDIO, Letters: Andy Bloor
  • Writer: WALRUS TALES, short prose story “Something fishy” – Kevin L Donihe (Eraserhead Press)
  • Artist: ROBOT SHORTS, pinup art (AccentUK)
  • Artist: REBEL AT THE END OF TIME, cover art, novel by Steve Aylett with a short story by Michael Moorcock (PS Publishing, Scar Garden Press)
  • Artist: ZOMBIES 2 (AKA ‘2OMBIES’), pinup art (AccentUK)
  • Writer: WEAPONIZER QUARTERLY, short story “Mad Science”, issue 1 (Weaponizer Press)
  • Writer: STARTLING ADVENTURES MAGAZINE, short story “Clockface”, issue 2 (Independent)
  • Writer: SURVIVAL STORIES: THE SLEEPLESS PHOENIX Anthology, short comic story “Yaguara”, vol. 1 (Independent), Artist: Tony Suleri, Letters: Adam Grose
  • Artist: SCI-FI ART NOW, “Neurobot” original art, John Freeman (HarperCollins Publishers)
  • Writer: #VSS ANTHOLOGY, micro-fiction (various), vol. 1 (Independent)
  • Artist: COMIC ART VISIONS OF WIND FARMS, original art (BBC News website)
  • Artist: CROWN WEARER, cover art, novel by William Couper (Independent)
  • Artist: 800 YEARS OF HAUNTED LIVERPOOL, original illustrations – John Reppion (The History Press)
  • Artist: STEPHENSON’S ROBOT, pinup art (AccentUK)
  • Writer: PREDATORS anthology, short comic story “Skin Deep” (AccentUK), Artist: Andy Bloor
  • Writer: WESTERN anthology, short comic story “Avenger” (AccentUK), Artist: Brian Gorman
  • Writer: BUST DOWN THE DOOR AND EAT ALL THE CHICKENS (AKA THE ABSURDIST JOURNAL), short prose story, issue 5 (Independent) – nominated by editor for Pushcart Prize

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