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About Mo

Mo Ali is an artist and writer and lives in the south-east of England.

“(Dreamcatcher) Reads like the Beowulf poet time-travelled to the 21st Century, mainlined some Freud and Dr. Seuss, and sat down to write a new epic.” – Mike Carey, Author

“Opened “Midnight Man” by Mo Ali and Andy Bloor. Plunged into full tilt temporal mayhem and spat out, still chuckling, fifteen minutes down the line. Or maybe it’s much later; all my clocks seem to be missing a hand.”  – Jamie Delano, Writer + Author

“I love MIDNIGHT MAN!” – Lexi Alexander, Academy Award nominated Filmmaker

“Midnight Man is the sort of book whose ready-to-burst energy has you rooting around for appropriately manically demented phrases to capture some of its charm. Find time for this.” – Kieron Gillen, Writer

“A visceral comics kick with a killer design at its core and pithy dialogue to spare.” – Rob Williams, Writer

“A Tim Burton feel. Creepy but modern at the same time…” – Dave Gibbons, writer/artist and co-creator of Watchmen

“MIDNIGHT MAN: GUNSPACE achieves the impossible in delivering even more artful, anarchic, anachronistic, action than part one. A uniquely British time-travelling superhero tale with mind-blowing visuals and a script that will have you laughing out loud.” – John Reppion, Writer + Author

“I f—ing love this!….got a ragged, bleached out, film festival vibe to it…” – Joe Carnahan, Filmmaker

“Mo Ali tells an incredibly dark story…grim, gritty and sad, but at the same time it is also probably the most realistic vision..” – Ed Kaye,

“Another indulgence…by Mo Ali, is the most complex writing of the magazine. The narration and dialogue is obscure and tangential while remaining utterly modern…””…The opening piece…by Mo Ali, is a lyrical account of a surreal apocalypse and is some of the most beautiful writing of the issue.” – Miranda Siemienowicz, HorrorScope

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